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    Let us know some specifics to be sure your shipments include items to your size preferences, special interests, and more.

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    Check your email for a tracking number and wait for your Booty Box to arrive! Don’t worry, its in a discreet box so no one will know what’s waiting for you at your doorstep.

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    Be thrilled while discovering what kind of romantic fun you will get to you have with your new BootyBox shipment each month!

The Brief Details

Once a month our unique team will design a box of wicked adult novelties and ship out this secretive box to your door. Then you get to experience the many pleasures BootyBox has to offer.

The Specifics

When you sign up for The BootyBox every month you will receive a discreet box full of adult items designed to keep you sex life wild, spontaneous, and hot! BootyBox sets a standard to design and send you a once a month kit that will explore all areas of sexual fun (even the ones you are too shy to purchase yourself but wish you did). It will keep you wondering and guessing what's coming in your Booty Box next month and craving the mail every month. If at any time you're not satisfied you can cancel at any time no questions asked. Simply contact us.

So...It will fit my preferences?

Absolutely! Let us know what you enjoy, what you don't enjoy, and we'll modify your subscription BootyBox to suit your tastes and desires. Are there items you'd love to purchase but are a little too bashful to buy them in store?
Our team can help!

And what will you send me?

Subscribe today to open a box of surprises! Make sure you fill out your personal questionnaire which gives us your important sizing information and other preferences so we can accurately customize your box! Each month is a new surprise.

Bring it on!

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