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The very first "Booty Box" was a box full of sex goodies I mailed to my husband, Jack, at work.  He is an amazing man, but if I’m to be completely honest, our sex life had become a little dull.  So, I decided to surprise him and spice things up a bit.  I bought a toy, sexy lingerie, and various novelty items, along with a handwritten note, sprayed with his favorite perfume, and shipped it to his office.  The note read,  


“My dearest Jack... 

Text me when you receive this package, and

I will come to your office for lunch. I’m bringing dessert. 😉

I love you. xoxo


The box arrived in discreet packaging with no return label.  Somehow his last name had been smudged off so only the name Jack read as the recipient.  This resulted in the front desk receptionist mistakenly dropping it off to the wrong office and the wrong Jack!  The man was nice enough to return the package to my husband, and when he did, he told him, “Hey Jack, you got a real special wife there… Forgive me for opening it, but I thought it was for me.  This is how you keep the magic alive, huh?”

My Jack took the box, re-opened it, and stared inside at all the sexual goodies.  He read the note to himself, closed his eyes smelling it, and then looked up and smiled at the other Jack and said,

“Yep!  She’s a keeper alright!  You might want to get you one of these boxes.  Thanks for bringing it to me.”

I went that day to meet him for lunch, and dessert was served on his desk. Needless to say, Jack loved it!  So fun, thrilling, and brought back that spark we had been missing.  Later on, my husband told me the other Jack complimented me, mentioning he had a pretty great wife.  It dawned on me that I wasn’t the only person who could feel this way.  My wheels started spinning, and that night, after making love to my husband (again!), Jack and I decided we didn’t want to stop doing this.  Every month we decided we were going to add to our collection. expanding on our sexual desires and needs. 

That night "BootyBox" was created.

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